Are you an Android enthusiast? Do you feel the same energy inside that tells you when you buy a new phone that it can work even better? We know the feeling and we try to tame this desire through our apps.
We develop simple, easy to use but at the same time advanced applications for anyone who wants to take control of his device (which we consider to be completely normal and should be so without aftermarket changes).


Play2Earn a.k.a. crypto games are booming right now and you don't want to lose this opportunity. Of course, the better you are the more money you make.
aBetterAndroid apps will give you a big advantage over other players that use default settings.
Don't lose time and start making money right now through these blockchain related games.


If you're not already into Android modding or tweaking then it's time to get in this amazing community.
You can start by downloading aBetterAndroid apps. It's easy to use our modern and simple UI. If you really like tweaking, you can start doing more research on your own (the more passionate you are, the better for everyone).


You surely played at least one mobile game in yur lifetime, most of us did. If you didn't know, there are official competitions of Android games worldwide that reward the winners with different prizes like money or valuable stuff.
You can use our solutions in your favor, more performance equals to more in-game success and more achievements.
E.g. decrease resolution for more FPS, increase DPI for more touch sensitivity.


aBetter Store

aBetterAndroid's store will be a special kind of an app store. Here you will find only applications/projects related to Android tweaking or mods that will make your experience better. More information soon!


Who is behind aBetterAndroid?

At this moment everything is a one-man show. Everything is engineered, designed, coded by Tuly.

What is our mission?

We believe that all android phone owners have the right to customize their device from any point of view. Unfortunately, manufacturers intentionally block access to certain settings. We're here to bring you back the control of your Android device.